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Help us create accelerated treatments for neurodegenerative disorders

We’re looking for people with a passion for great science, compassion for patients, and a calling to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to create breakthrough medicines. We’re constantly looking for life scientists, data scientists, engineers, and pharmaceutical experts who are eager to think bigger than they’ve ever been challenged to think and open their imaginations wider than they ever thought possible

Current openings

“I joined Neuron23 because I like working with creative, capable people who actually care about what they are doing.”

Mike Nalls, PhDScientific Advisor, Data Science

“Integrity, teamwork, curiosity, and attention to quality, are what I value most as a member of the Neuron23 team.”

Peter Heutink, PhDScientific Advisor

“People at Neuron23 work energetically and efficiently to accomplish high-quality results. The work we do is both biologically interesting and clinically meaningful.”

Mei-Yao Lin, PhDSenior Scientist

“I select team members with a passion for awesome science, compassion for patients, kindness, honesty, and a sense of humor.”

Adam Knight, PhDFounder

“We are looking for people with the brightest ideas—the ones that will have a major impact on human health and welfare.”

Desmond Padhi, B.Sc., Pharm. D.Interim Head of Translational Medicine